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    Experience Our Architectural Programming Services

    Your new project doesn’t start with a blueprint; it starts with an understanding of what your needs are and what you wish to accomplish —this is known as an architectural program.

    At KSM, our team is made up of experienced, skilled problem-solvers who can help you articulate your vision and turn it into a plan. The architectural program is the plan that tells us what functions need to be fulfilled and how we build that functionality into the design.

    We’ll start the process by asking for your “wish list,” or how the building will be used. Through our collaborative process, we’ll create an architectural program together that guides the creation of future building plans and schematics.

    KSM is involved in each stage of the architectural, engineering and design process. We bring the experience and the 1,000-foot view needed to create a beautiful, functional space that will serve its purpose for decades and beyond.

    When you contract architectural programming services with KSM, you’ll have access to some of the top architectural minds in the industry who have a thorough understanding of the needs of your project. We can help you identify the design needs of your project based on the knowledge and experience gained from past successful projects.

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