Construction Administration

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    Your architectural project is an undertaking that requires the efforts of an entire orchestra to complete. Your orchestra is going to need a conductor who coordinates everyone’s roles to avoid unnecessary expenses and delays. By partnering with KSM Architecture to provide Construction Administration Services, you are relieving yourself of the burden of coordinating the contractor to execute the design plan with the same goals and vision that was set out in the development and schematic design phases.

    Partnering with KSM for Construction Administration gets your project finished more quickly and cost-effectively. Our experienced architects perform site visits, address field conditions as they arise, and observe construction to ensure conformity to construction drawings, specifications, and standards. We partner with you to find the best services at the best price.

    Your KSM architect can oversee the entire planning, development, and construction process, from concept and design to the installation of furniture. We familiarize the entire design and construction team with the project early on, resulting in fewer surprises during construction. Because we are directly responsible to the project owner, we have developed a win-win process that encourages participation by quality contractors and consultants in a cost-effective way.

    Working with a KSM architect for construction administration brings several key benefits to your construction project. By working with us throughout the entire architectural design process, we enable contractors to order long-lead items before construction begins. Through it all, we maintain a direct line of communication with the project owner to discuss quality and design issues and ensure total continuity for preferences and objectives throughout the architectural project.

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